Opening up to whatever is happening in the moment


Without patience you will always want things to be different than they are

Letting Go

Letting go of our thoughts about how things should be


Judgments keep us from fully experiencing the situation


If we focus on the end result we can miss out on what is happening along the way


Trusting your own feelings, intuition and wisdom


Investigate your thinking patterns and behaviours - open up to new possibilities


Kindness starts with self-acceptance and extends toward those around you


Meditation is a tool, a type of training to help us be more mindful during each day.


Mindfulness is the practice of cultivating non-judgemental awareness in day-to-day life.


Mindfulness benefits people who experience stress in their lives as well as those who don't. It enables us to live our life more fully, effectively, and peacefully. It gives us greater control of our experiences and more satisfying ways of responding to them. It helps us transcend any images of our self and our capabilities that might narrow our experience.

  • It is amazing to observe how much power we give unknowingly to uninvited thoughts; “Do this, say that, remember, plan, obsess, judge.” They have the potential to drive us crazy, and they often do!

    J. Goldstein,
    Insight Meditation; the Practice of Freedom