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Grads' Night

by on 01 March

I spent a very enjoyable evening last month with graduates of my Meditation and Mindfulness (M&M) course: leading meditation, giving a talk and discussing the practice of mindfulness.


When I started teaching the course, I knew that I wanted to stay in touch with the students after they graduated. I remembered how much I’d wanted to keep in contact with my fellow “grads” when I took this course 17 years ago. For a year after we graduated, we met every month to meditate and talk about the practice.


So, after teaching my first course, I set up a group email list on a Bcc basis and invited them to join the list. About once per month, I distributed material I thought might interest them, and invited them to join me in attending meditation and dharma talk events in the city. We even held a reunion BBQ! After 3 years, I was pleased that sixty per cent of the grads still elected each January to stay on the list.


This year, I expanded the concept of “keeping in touch” to host a two hour “Grads’ Night” in February. I said that, if successful, I would hold it on a monthly basis. I was very pleased that half of them expressed interest and nine attended.


For the first hour, we meditated – yoga, breath and standing meditation. Then I gave a talk on “Nourishing Mindfulness”, covering the highlights of: meditation, supportive attitudes and perspectives, mindfulness in daily life, stress management, reflection and self-understanding, and silent retreats. I asked them to vote on which topics most interested them, to guide me in the future. As we adjourned, many of them said they appreciated the evening. As did I.


I enjoyed seeing them again, meditating in a group, and being able to discuss the practice at a deeper level than during the M&M course. Practicing mindfulness is a life-long learning process. By meditating, inquiring and reflecting, we are always learning about how our minds work, who we really are, and ways to cultivate inner fulfillment. And, I believe, it's best done within a community of kindred spirits.


I'm looking forward to next month's Grads’ Night.

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  • Mckenzie

    This blog looks exactly like my olld one!
    It's on an entirely different topic but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Wonderful choice of colors!

    Mckenzie Monday, 15 January 2018 09:16

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