Mindfulness Meditation
    • Awareness, kindness, peace of mind

The Cat's Meow

by on 27 October 2013

In order to deal with difficulties during meditation - and daily living – certain perspectives and attitudes can be quite helpful. I was reminded of this again a number of years ago when I encountered the cat's meow.

Relaxing with Mindfulness

by on 15 September 2013

Practising mindfulness has physical, intellectual and emotional benefits. It also feels quite pleasant when it occurs. By "when it occurs" I mean when I bring my attention back to the present moment – when I refocus on the here and now.

Conquering Height

by on 13 August 2013

Meditation and mindfulness have improved my enjoyment of life in many ways. One of them is recognizing habits that are not positive, and working to reduce them. An important one was my lifelong fear of heights.

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