Mindfulness benefits people who experience stress in their lives as well as those who don't. It enables us to live our life more fully, effectively, and peacefully. It gives us greater control of our experiences and more satisfying ways of responding to them. It helps us transcend any images of our self and our capabilities that might narrow our experience.


Stress is distracting and exhausting. It can negatively affect our sleep, our energy level, our concentration and creativity – and, therefore, our work – our relationships, and ultimately our engagement with and enjoyment of life. Stress is a negative feeling in our body in response to negative thoughts. Mindfulness makes us more aware of our negative feelings and thoughts. It enables us – it empowers us - to respond to such feelings and thoughts in a healthy, positive manner rather than let them "run our lives".


If stress is not a significant part of your life, however, mindfulness still provides many benefits:
- The intellectual benefits of better concentration and clear thinking, and learning how your thoughts affect your perspectives and feelings
- The physical benefits of better sleep, better managing physical pain, and enhanced immunity
- The emotional benefits of noticing all the wonders of our life that we didn't realize were right in front of us