Mindfulness Meditation
    • Enjoy a quieter mind and happier heart

Mindful Meditation

If you have a meditation and mindfulness practice, please consider joining other kindred spirits once a month.

The regular meeting provides 75 minutes of guided breath meditation, yoga and walking meditation, followed by a short talk on mindfulness and a discussion period. The series of 9 talks builds on Jon Kabatt-Zinn’s MBSR course (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) to provide a deeper understanding of the practice. The subject of each talk is listed below.


We meet from 7:00 - 9:00 in Westboro (see location on Contact page) on:

  • Sep 26
  • Oct 17
  • 2nd Wednesday of Nov to May

In order to join us, you could either:

-     "drop-in" ($20 cash fee BUT ONLY $10 for first visit ); or

-     register for remaining sessions in the year ($15 per session)

 Please join us if meditating regularly and studying mindfulness with others might support your practice.

 If you plan to attend, please send me an email from the Contact page so I can provide you with information on parking and a few other details.


Schedule of talks:

Sep 26    Purpose of MM                   Self-awareness and happiness

Oct 17    Meditation                           Establshing a daily practice

Nov 14    Benefits of meditation        Five qualities we nurture through meditation   

Dec 12    Mindfulness                        Why and how in daily life            

Jan 9       Managing stress                 Breathing into high energy/emotion     

Feb 13     Attitudes                             Choosing how to respod

Mar 13     Investigation                       Wanting & not wanting - 8 worldly concerns  

Apr 10     Wholesome practices         Attitudes, gratitude, seeing both sides

May 8      Realistic perspectives        Impermanence, suffering, non-self