Meditation & Mindfulness
    • Understanding reality, peace of mind

Private Instruction

Private instruction is available, which covers the essentials of meditation and mindfulness provided in the 7-week course (visit the Course page).

Course description:

Through instruction and practice, you will:

  • Become more aware of your inner life from moment to moment – your body sensations, feelings, and thoughts
  • Develop a different way of relating to your sensations, thoughts and feelings through mindful acceptance rather than habitual, automatic routines
  • Learn to choose the most skillful response to thoughts, feelings and situations.


Following an initial one-hour meeting, for an orientation and interview based on a short questionnaire, the course comprises:

  • one session per week, 75 minutes long, for 8 sessions comprising:
    • - guided meditation practice
    • - instruction in meditation, how the mind works and daily mindfulness
    • - discussion of the theory and the student’s practice
  • daily half-hour meditation at home
  • reflective exercises during each week

Materials Provided:

  • guided meditation recordings for use at home (breath and walking meditations, yoga, body scan)
  • binder of instructions (50 pages)
  • Wherever You Go, There You Are, by Jon Kabat-Zinn


The course of private instruction is offered at my home in Crystal Beach, a few kilometres west of Bayshore Shopping Centre (this is NOT the location shown the Contact page map, which is where the Group Course is taught) . Office hours are 4 to 7 pm, Monday to Thursday. The sessions are usually weekly, but could take place less frequently if appropriate.


$100 per session, as well as the initial orientation and meeting, for a total cost of $900 (no tax). Payment by email (preferable) or cheque is made on a session-by-session basis.


Meditation is the art of fully conscious living. What we make of our life - the sum total of thoughts, emotions, works, and actions that fill the brief interval between birth and death - is our one great creative masterpiece. The beauty and significance of a life well lived consists not in the works we leave behind, or in what history has to say about us. It comes from the quality of conscious experience that infuses our every waking moment, and from the impact we have on others.

From The Mind Illuminated: A Complete Meditation Guide Integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science (2015), by Culadassa (John Yates, PhD.)